A Brief Introduction to Flotation Equipment


The flotation equipment is a mechanical equipment which […]

The flotation equipment is a mechanical equipment which can realize the flotation process of foam and choose the target minerals from the ore. At present, nearly two billion tons of ore are processed by foam flotation process worldwide. According to rough statistics, about 90% of the recycling of nonferrous metals are used as flotation method, which account for 50% of the black metal mineral selection. Flotation equipment is suitable for the separation of nonferrous metals, ferrous metals, precious metals, non-metallic mineral and chemical raw materials, recovery of useful minerals, mainly used for separating copper, zinc, lead, Xian, gold and other non-ferrous metals, can also be used for roughing and select black metal and nonmetal.


Flotation devices include flotation machines and flotation AIDS (mixing tanks and dispensing machines, etc.). Flotation machine is an important equipment in the process of realization of flotation, flotation pulp and flotation reagents, are kneaded into the flotation machine, after classics agitate and inflatable, and make to float aim mineral mineralized foam layer is formed on the attached to the bubble. Flotation machine working principle: the centrifugal effect to form negative pressure produced by the rotation of the impeller. On the one hand, plenty of air inhaled mixed with pulp; on the other hand, mixing slurry mixed with drugs, refining the bubble at the same time, make mineral adhesive on the bubble, float to the ore slurry surface to form the mineralized froth. Adjust the level of the liquid level through the tailgate valve, and the foam will be blown out by the overflow or scraper.


Flotation technology is always evolving and new developments are made. Most of the results are based on the reagents developments. The development of better collector and frother are made. Also, the chemistry of reagents is been studied to check the effect and mechanism of actions. Since the flotation equipment was equipped with the concentrator in the early 20th century, after nearly 100 years of development, both the scale amplification theory, the flotation dynamic theory and the structural type design have developed greatly. The application fields of flotation devices are expanding, from mineral separation to industrial wastewater treatment, oilfield sewage treatment, waste paper deinking, microbial flotation separation and so on.