Analysis of Development Trend of Flotation Equipment


In the development and application of flotation equipme […]

In the development and application of flotation equipment for more than 100 years, the flotation technology has been greatly developed, gradually formed flotation machine diversification, serialization, large-scale and automation, the application field is expanding, basically meet the non-ferrous metals, black metal , water treatment, biological separation and other applications. With the complications of the lean, fine, hybrid and ore processing resources of raw mineral resources, the energy consumption and production costs are continuously rising, and the development of flotation equipment should be researched in the following aspects.

1.Flotation machines continue to grow to large scale.With the increasing demand for mineral resources and the increasingly complex nature of ore,the difficulty of beneficiation is further increased, and the difficulty in beneficiation of the beneficiation plant is further increased. This requires the development of other types based on the large-scale flotation equipment. Flotation machine equipment to meet the needs of different ore.

2.targeted.The demand for mineral resources from social development is increasing, while the reserves of mineral resources are limited. At the same time, the resource conditions are constantly deteriorating. In order to improve resource utilization, targeted solutions such as coarse-grained flotation are studied for the floatability of different ores. High-efficiency energy-saving flotation and compound force field fine-grained and fine-grained flotation equipment are still the research direction of flotation machines in the future.

3.Flotation control system automation. At present, the process control of the flotation equipment such as ore surface, aeration volume, pulp concentration, medicament addition and foam imaging analysis is automated, but the automation level of the equipment itself needs to be improved,such as bearing temperature, motor temperature, and fault diagnosis. System, fault alarm and plan etc.

4.Diversification of research methods. The computer technology is applied to the development process of flotation equipment to reduce the development cost and cycle.

5.Flotation machine equipment energy saving.The slogan of energy conservation and consumption reduction has been advocated in the manufacturing industry for a long time. However, there are very few companies that can truly do it. Energy saving and consumption reduction are technical improvements that can truly take the road of energy efficient development. The energy consumption of flotation machines has been high for most of the beneficiation plants, which has increased the operating costs of enterprises and severely restricted the development of enterprises. Therefore,the energy saving and consumption reduction of flotation machines is still one of the major trends in the future.