Application and Maintenance of Thickening Tank in Mining Ⅰ


The Thickening Tank is a dewatering machine. It is typi […]

The Thickening Tank is a dewatering machine. It is typically used to concentrate concentrate or tailings dewatering prior to filtration. It can also be used for the concentration and purification of solid slurries in coal, chemical, building materials and water and wastewater treatment industries. Although managing thickening tanks in normal operation is simple, it is very important for the plant. Thickening tanks are one of the important equipment. The use of thickening tanks for tailings dewatering is mainly the use of recycled water and the storage of tailings in the tailings pond.

In addition to this, in order to improve the technical operation process, for example, the pulp is too thin and the operating conditions require a thick material, concentration is also required. Therefore, thickening tanks are one of the essential dewatering equipment in mineral processing. At present, the most widely used is a mechanical discharge thickening tank that can be continuously operated, also known as a slow thickening tank.

The following are some of the practical experiences of the gold mechanical mining machine tailings dry row team, we should pay attention to it in our work. These types of thickening tanks are divided into three types: center drive type, peripheral drive type and multi-layer thickening tank. Peripheral drive types can be divided into two types: peripheral rack drive and peripheral roller drive.