Application and Maintenance of Thickening Tank in Mining Ⅱ


First, the Thickening Tank needs to pay attention when […]

First, the Thickening Tank needs to pay attention when opening the parking. In order to ensure the normal operation of the thickening tank, the operator should start the motor before the mine is delivered, and then the mine is fed after the thickening tank is running. Parking is also allowed to stop after the feed is stopped. When it is necessary to stop in special circumstances, stop the feeding immediately, and lift the truss quickly or increase the amount of ore discharged to avoid the squeegee being buried in the concentrated slurry. It is necessary to ensure the feeding and discharging (ie, discharging concentrated products) continuity and uniformity of work.

Second, the usual work of the thickening tank should pay attention to the matter at the same time in the usual work should always check the thickening tank feed concentration, concentrated product concentration, overflow water quality, so that it meets the production requirements. In actual operation, the concentration of concentrated product can be adjusted by controlling the discharge rate.

However, when adjusting the discharge concentration, care must be taken to prevent the increase of solid loss in the overflow and ensure that the overflow water quality meets the requirements. The thickening tank is of great significance to the plant, so a deeper understanding of the factors affecting the capacity of the thickening tank is needed. The unit production capacity of the thickening tank refers to the concentrated area per unit of the thickening tank and the tonnage of the material processed every day and night.