Background Information of Crusher Machine


Crusher machine is designed to reduce large rocks into […]

Crusher machine is designed to reduce large rocks into smaller rocks, gravel, or rock dust. The field of the invention is crushers for use in underground coal mines and the like. It is concerned particularly with such a machine in which crushing forces are applied to material between a pair of vertical breaker drums and not to the conveyor chain. It was in 1830, the first US patent was issued on a rock crusher machine.


In coal mines, the coal often comes off the face in a wide variety of sizes, some too large to be carried on the conveying system. To reduce such coal to a manageable size consist, crusher machines are employed to receive as-mined coal from a mining or loading machine or a haulage vehicle, crush the large lumps to a manageable size, and feed it to a main line conveyor for movement out of the mine.


Conventional crusher self-propelled flight of double chain conveyor machinery constantly as it moved along the floor of the body - mined coal from receiving part rotating crusher, and then water cross section of the broken end of the product from its load or the side of the conveyor is likely to be a series of conveyor gateway to the coal mine. Usually, in traditional rooms and pillar mining, the machine that will crusher may be placed on a fixed transport tool near the excavation. One or more transport vehicles, such as shuttle, ram or forklift, will carry the newly minted coal to the crusher.


All these conventional feeder/crusher machines are of the same general construction. They all have a horizontal breaker drum or rotary crusher mounted at a fixed or variable distance above the floor of a chain flight conveyor running along the floor of a conveyor trough. Zhejiang Golden Machinery Factory (the former Zhuji Nonferrous Metallurgical Machinery Complex Factory) is a legal enterprise registered in People's Republic of China. The factory is in the south of Yangtze Rive Delta, the most important economic key zone in China. It could provide complete sets of major technical equipments and complete sets of engineering for the mining, building materials, metallurgy, nonferrous metal, electric power, chemical industry, environmental protection and other basic industries.