Basic Requirements and Types of Flotation Machine


Flotation machine is the abbreviation of planktonic min […]

Flotation machine is the abbreviation of planktonic mineralizer.It refers to the mechanical equipment that completes the flotation process.In the flotation machine,the pulp treated with the agent is charged with agitation to allow some of the ore particles to be selectively fixed on the bubbles;float to the surface of the slurry to form a foam product,and the rest is retained in the slurry.In order to achieve the purpose of separating minerals.

What are the basic requirements of flotation machine?

1.Good aeration

The flotation machine must ensure that the slurry sucks a sufficient amount of air (some flotation machines press the air with an external pressure fan) and diffuse as much as possible throughout the tank.As the air becomes finer and more uniform, there will be more opportunities for contact between the pellets and the air,and the higher the efficiency of flotation.

2.Stirring effect

Flotation machine must ensure that the slurry has a good stirring effect,so that the particles do not precipitate and be suspended and can be evenly distributed in the tank,while promoting the dissolution of some insoluble agents,in order to facilitate the full effect of the pharmaceutical and mineral particles.

3.The role of reincarnation

The recirculation of the slurry in the flotation machine can increase the chance of contact between the ore particles and bubbles.

4.can adjust the level of ore slurry and can work continuously

During the flotation process,it is sometimes necessary to adjust the thickness of the foaming layer and the slurry flow.And in the production process,from the feeding of ore to the discharge of concentrates and tailings, it is a continuous process.

What are the types of flotation machines?

The types of flotation machines include mechanically agitated flotation machines,pneumatic flotation machines,hybrid flotation machines or air-charged flotation machines,and gas separation flotation machines.At present,the most commonly used mechanical stirring flotation machine

What are the performance characteristics of the flotation machine?

Flotation machine structure device: This machine mainly consists of slurry tank, stirring device, inflatable device, discharge mineralized bubble device, motor and other components.

1.Slurry tank:It has a slurry inlet and a sluice device to adjust the surface of the slurry.It consists of a tank body welded with steel plates and a gate plate welded with steel and round steel.

2.Stirring device:It is used to stir the slurry to prevent ore from sedimenting in the tank body.It is mainly composed of belt pulley,impeller, vertical shaft,etc.The impeller is made of wear-resistant rubber.

3.Inflatable device:It consists of a duct inlet pipe. When the impeller rotates,negative pressure is generated in the impeller chamber.Air is sucked through the hollow pump pipe and dispersed in the slurry to form a bubble group.This kind of slurry has a lot of bubbles.It is quickly thrown toward the stator by the rotational force of the impeller, further refines the bubbles in the pulp,and eliminates the rotational motion of the pulp flow in the flotation cell,resulting in a large number of vertically rising microbubbles,providing the necessary for the flotation process. condition.

4.To eliminate the mineralized bubble device:it is to scrape the foam floating on the surface of the tank,mainly driven by the motor reducer,reducer driven scraper composition.There are many types of flotation machines such as mechanical stirring flotation machine,inflatable stirring flotation machine and inflatable flotation machine.At present,mechanical stirring flotation machine is mostly used.