Basic Requirements of Flotation Machine Performance


In the froth flotation process, the bubble is not only […]

In the froth flotation process, the bubble is not only the selective interface of all kinds of mineral deposits, but also the carriers and vehicles of hydrophobic intentional mineral deposits, so it is necessary for the flotation machine to inhale (or press in) sufficient air, And can be fully dispersed in the pulp into a large number of moderately sized and evenly distributed bubbles in order to supply a satisfactory liquid-gas separation interface and make the bubble has a lifting velocity.

In terms of inflation performance, the larger the flotation machine aeration, the better the air dispersion, the more uniform distribution of bubbles in the tank, the collision between the ore particles and bubbles, the more the timing of contact and adhesion, the flotation process Performance is better.

With the mixing strength to meet the pulp mixing can play the following effects: Promote the mineral particles in the flotation tank suspended evenly dispersed, in particular, to overcome and eliminate the stratification and deposition of coarse ore particles, so that the mineral particles and bubbles are sufficient Contact timing. The air stream sucked in (or pressed into) the flotation machine is caused to be cut into individual fine bubbles and uniformly dispersed in the flotation cell. Promote the dissolution and dispersion of certain insoluble drugs. Pulp mixing strength should be appropriate. If the mixing strength is too weak, the mineral particles can not be effectively suspended, coarse deposits easily deposited or stratified to reduce the probability of coarse particles to the bubble adhesion, affecting the flotation target; the other hand, the mixing is too intense, Of the foam layer, or add the brittle mineralization of the mud, or minerals from the bubble off, etc., which is not conducive to the separation of mineral deposits.

Industrial production Flotation Equipment necessary to ensure that one after another to the mine and ore discharge, so that the production process to maintain continuity, in order to adapt to the characteristics of mineral pulp flow in the process of mineral flotation. To this end, the flotation machine should have access to the pulp and the timely and smooth discharge of foam products and products within the tank organization. In order to regulate the production process and control the flotation target, flotation machine should also have the appropriate conditioning organization, in order to regulate the level of the slurry level, the thickness of the foam layer and the slurry flow velocity.