China Flotation Equipment Maintenance and Repair


Flotation Equipment components from goldenmachine ensur […]

Flotation Equipment components from goldenmachine ensure your froth flotation operation delivers maximum mineral recovery performance. These high-quality, hardwearing replaceable wet and dry components are available for all flotation cell types and sizes, and can be redesigned to optimise performance and life, as demanded by application.

The regular check parts during Flotation Equipment operation:

1.Check the case of rolling bearing overheating in motor and impeller. Generally, the temperature of the bearing can not exceed 35 ℃ and the highest temperature should not be above 65 ℃.

2.Check the case of driven belt tension. Adjust appropriate tightness. If serious abrasion appears ,new belt with the consistent length and model should be chosen as the Substitutes.

3.Check the sealability of the oil-sealing rubber washer. More attention should be paid to prevent the grease inside the bearing body from leaking into the slurry lest flotating work could not goes well normally.

4.Check whether there is enough grease in all lubricating points. If there is a lacking of grease, more should be added timely.

5.Clean up the sundries in the slot.

Goldenmachine's proven Flotation Machine technology delivers superior valuable material separation performance in a range of industries and applications:

Mineral processing

Base metals

Precious metals

Industrial minerals



Rare Earth metals

Soil remediation

Environmental and recycling