Choose High-quality Flotation Equipment


Flotation Equipment has the following characteristics: […]

Flotation Equipment has the following characteristics: Inspiratory capacity, low power consumption. Each slot combines suction, suction and flotation triple functions, since the flotation circuit, without any auxiliary equipment, horizontal configuration, easy to process changes. Pulp circulation is reasonable, can minimize the precipitation of coarse sand. Self-control device with pulp surface, easy to adjust. Impeller with a sloping up and down leaves. Pulp on the leaves produced on the pulp circulation, under the pulp to produce pulp under the cycle. In the flotation process, flotation machine is to achieve the basic equipment flotation separation. Flotation machines and ordinary machines, in addition to ensure reliable, wear-resistant, energy saving, low cost and easy to manufacture, but also to meet the special needs of the flotation process. Therefore, the flotation machine has the following basic requirements:

1, A good inflatable role

Flotation machine must ensure that the pulp inhalation of a sufficient amount of air (and some flotation machine is forced air pressure blower) and try to spread throughout the tank. Because the air more detailed and more dispersed, even, mineral particles and gas contact with the more opportunities, the higher the efficiency of flotation.

2, Stirring effect

Flotation machine to ensure that the pulp has a good stirring effect, so that the ore particles will not precipitate and was suspended state and can be evenly distributed in the tank, while promoting the dissolution of some insoluble agents, in order to facilitate the full role of agents and minerals .

3, The role of circular flow

In the flotation machine pulp circulation flow, can increase the chances of mineral particles and bubble contact.

4, To adjust the slurry level and continuous work

In the flotation process, sometimes need to adjust the thickness of the foam layer and pulp flow. And in the production from the mine to the floating ore concentrate and tailings discharge, are continuous process.