Classification of Flotation Machine


There are different types of flotation machine, now the […]

There are different types of flotation machine, now the following article will mainly focus on three types of flotation machine. The first type is mechanical agitation type flotation machine. Mechanical agitation type flotation machine pulp aeration and mixing are composed of impeller and custom mechanical stirring device. It belongs to the external self-priming type flotation machine, the flotation machine, usually the upper gas suction, namely mechanical stirring device at the bottom of the flotation tank near the suction air. According to the type of mechanical mixing device, this type of flotation machine can be divided into different models, such as XJ, XJQ, GF, SF and stick. The advantages of such flotation machines are: self-absorbed air and slurry, easy to realize self-flow when returning from middle ore, less auxiliary equipment, neat equipment configuration, simple operation and maintenance, etc.. The disadvantage is that there is a small amount of gas, high power consumption and large wear.


The second type is pneumatic stirring flotation machine. Gas stirring type flotation machine is equipped with mechanical mixing plant. It has used the external characteristic of fan forced blow into the air, but the mechanical stirring device only commonly have the effect of stirring pulp and the distribution of airflow, air fan pressure into pulp, mainly rely on external aeration and mixing are separated. This type of flotation machine has the following characteristics. The amount of gas can be added and reduced according to the need. The impeller does not have the inhalation effect, so the speed is low, the power consumption is low, the wear is small, and the brittle mineral is not easy to produce the mud phenomenon. Due to the large capacity of processing and shallow channel, the power consumption of unit capacity is lower. The disadvantage is that it is necessary to add a set of air pressure system, and the intermediate product should be sent with sand pump when returning. Such flotation machines include CHF-X, XJC, bs-c, KYF, bs-k, lch-x, CLF, etc..


The last type is inflatable flotation machine. Inflatable flotation machines, characterized by no mechanical agitators or transmission parts, are provided by specially designed compressors to provide air for air use. That belong to this type of flotation column flotation machine, its advantages are simple structure, easy manufacturing, defect is no blender causes the flotation effect affected by certain, aerator easy knot calcium, is not conducive to air dispersion. In the 1970s, several flotation columns were developed and applied in China in the 1970s. In recent years, with the re-emergence and successful application of overseas flotation column technology, several flotation columns have been developed in China, which are promoting the operation of industrial production.