Continuous Improvement of Flotation Machine in China


In China, the research on flotation equipment started l […]

In China, the research on flotation equipment started late. It was not until the middle of the 1950s that it began to mimic the Mikhailovsky flotation machine of the former Soviet Union. Due to industrial conditions at the time, it began to develop independently until the 1970s. In the early 1980s, the JJF type mechanical stirring flotation machine was successfully developed, followed by the development of dozens of flotation machines such as aerated mechanical flotation flotation machines, coarse particle flotation machines, and flash flotation machines to meet different ore dressing conditions.


Since 1980, with the continuous and rapid growth of the world economy and the domestic economy, the continuous improvement of flotation theory research and flotation equipment technology, and the deteriorating nature of ore in recent years, flotation equipment at home and abroad has been large-scale, diversified and automated. The research has made significant progress.

1)Larger scale. In the 1960s, the first large-scale mechanical agitation flotation machine was successfully used on Bougainville Island, and the single tank volume of the flotation machine increased from 16 m3 to 160 m3 in the 1990s, an increase of 10 times compared to the 20th century. In the 30s, the flotation tank capacity increased by 100 times. At present, the single tank volume of the largest flotation machine has reached 350 m3.

2) According to different process requirements, a variety of flotation equipments have been developed to meet the requirements for the selection of metals and the selection of non-metals and sewage treatment. There are various operations for rough selection, sweep selection, and selection. The flotation machine also has a flash flotation machine that can be used in the grinding circuit. It can not only select conventional size minerals, but also meet the requirements for selecting coarse-grain minerals.


3)Automation. With the increase of the flotation machine volume and the continuous improvement of automatic control technology, in order to meet the requirements of safety, product quality, production efficiency, and environmental protection in the beneficiation production process, the degree of automatic control of the flotation process is getting higher and higher. According to the history of flotation equipment development, this paper took the flotation machine boom again in 1960 and described the characteristics of flotation machines at home and abroad in two stages.