Crusher Machine Needs Regular Maintenance


Crushing Equipment is used for processing hard or mediu […]

Crushing Equipment is used for processing hard or medium-hard minerals and rocks of different grain sizes. Crusher machine operates under high power, force and capacity to produce the required material. This puts a lot of pressure on the crusher machine and its wear parts, which operators must be aware of when they are being maintained. If the operator or maintenance person does not realize this, it may have a huge impact on both in terms of financial cost and potential production loss. On the contrary, if the operator realizes the proper maintenance, the crusher machine.


Crushing Equipment PE jaw crusher is rock crusher that draws the successful experience from similar products at home and abroad. It is specifically designed for industrial departments of mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy quarry, and road construction.


Regular maintenance of crushers is an important part of reliability, performance and output. Prevention is better than cure; By conducting regular checks, operators will ensure that their crushers run for a longer period of time without unplanned downtime. The most important aspect is to develop and implement the maintenance plan. According to maintenance plan and daily check can improve service life. The maintenance plan should follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Mostly, to check the air filter to ensure the crusher is vented properly and that unwanted contaminates are not entering the breather. To check the strainer basket on a cone crusher ensuring that there are no signs of excessive wear or damage to internal components. To grease bearings if required to ensure proper lubrication and cooling of those bearings.


Regular maintenance can help the operator a lot. And it is important for the safe operation of crusher machine. It is also advisable that operators frequently look for holes, cracks, or flat spots, which could potentially damage the machine long term or be an indication of another issue. If operators do not follow a maintenance plan and carry out daily inspections, it can have detrimental effects on the crusher.