Different Principles Of The Different Crusher Machine


Crusher machine according to the categories can be divi […]

Crusher machine according to the categories can be divided into medical stone crusher and mining stone crusher. Mining gravel machine principle adapted to the massive hard rock crushing, the most typical is granite, the machine can handle the side length of 100 to 500 mm below the material. According to the principle of crushing, heavy mining machinery commonly used crushing machinery also has different models.

Different types of crusher machine working principle is completely different to ring hammer crusher, for example: hammer crusher is mainly by impact energy to complete the crushing operation of the material. Hammer crusher work, the motor driven rotor for high-speed rotation, the material evenly into the crusher cavity, high-speed rotary hammer impact, shear tear material caused by the material is broken, at the same time, the material's own gravity from the material from the High-speed rotation of the hammer rushed to the body baffle, sieve bar, the lower part of the rotor, with a sieve, crushed material less than the size of the sieve through the sieve discharge, material larger than the sieve size retained in the sieve Continue to be hammering and grinding hammer.

Crusher machines generally handle larger pieces of material, the product is coarse, usually larger than 8 mm. Its structure is characterized by broken pieces have a certain gap between, do not touch each other. Crusher can be divided into rough crusher, crusher and crusher. In general, the material processed by the mill is smaller. Its structural feature is broken parts (or medium) contact with each other, the medium used is steel balls, steel bars, gravel or nuggets and so on.

Although the impact crusher machine appeared late, but the rapid development. It has been widely used in all kinds of ores, fine-grained operations and coarse ore-crushing equipment in our country's cement, building materials, coal and chemical industries as well as dressing and other industrial sectors.

Mine crusher machine is an important equipment in mining, the price is the object of widespread concern in the purchase of mine crusher. Some people think that the high price of mine crusher is a good mine crusher, this view is not entirely correct. Crushing Equipment from https://www.goldenmachine.net/.