Different Types of Flotation Machine and Their Advantages


Flotation machine, the full name of "flotation concentr […]

Flotation machine, the full name of "flotation concentrator", is the mechanical equipment that completes the flotation process in the beneficiation process. In the flotation machine, the agent is added by stirring and inflating to achieve the purpose of separating minerals. The flotation machine has many structural forms and is mainly used for selecting non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc, lead, nickel and gold, as well as rough and fine selection of ferrous metals and non-metals. It is also widely used in the industrial wastewater purification industry. in. Flotation machines are mainly divided into five categories: Flotation machine types include gas-extracted flotation machines, mechanically-agitated flotation machines, air-inflated flotation machines or hybrid flotation machines, and inflatable flotation machines.

Gas separation flotation machine is mainly used for de-oiling flotation of fine-grained mineral flotation and oily wastewater. The aeration and agitation of pulp in the mechanical agitation flotation machine are all achieved by a mechanical stirrer. It belongs to an external gas self-priming flotation machine. The aerated agitator has pump-like suction characteristics and is self-priming and self-priming. Slurry. Its features are: 18 to 20 guide vanes are installed on the cover plate; impellers, cover plates, vertical shafts, air inlet pipes, bearings, pulleys, etc. are assembled into an integral part; a ring of upright fins is installed around the trough, preventing Slurry generated turbulence.

The features of the aerated flotation flotation machine are: easy to adjust the aeration rate alone; wear of the mechanical agitator is small; the sorting index is good; the power consumption is low; the effect aeration is large; and a slurry upflow is formed. Inflatable flotation machine structural features: no mechanical stirrer without transmission parts; aeration feature: inflator aeration, bubble size adjusted by the aerator structure; bubble and slurry mixing features: countercurrent mixed use: simple processing composition, high grade, easy The rough and sweep of the ore. The flotation column has a simple structure, a small footprint, easy maintenance, easy operation and power saving.