BF Type Mechanical Agitation Flotation Cell, Choose Zhejiang Gelden Machinery Factory


After mineralization bubbles float to the foam layer sc […]

After mineralization bubbles float to the foam layer scraped off by a scraper and become foam products. Flotation cell has various structures, in Zhejiang Golden production of mechanical flotation cells, BF-type mechanical agitation flotation Cell is widely used in large and medium-sized flotation plant rougher and scavenging operations. Here is a brief introduction as following.
BF type mechanical flotation cells, when the impeller rotates, the centrifugal force with the action of the impeller is produced and drives ore slurry in the impeller chamber thrown around, by which the negative pressure area is formed. The air is sucked into the impeller chamber via a suction pipe and center cylinder, mixing with absorbed ore slurry, and forming a large number of tiny air bubbles. After steady flow through the cover board, these bubbles are evenly dispersed in a tank, forming mineral laden bubbles. Then mineral laden bubbles will rise to the foam layer, and become foam products by the scraper.
BF type mechanical agitation flotation cell is a unique one. The structure is a closed impeller double-cut vertebral body, which strengthens the lower cycle of the pulp. Each flotation tank is equipped with suction, midge and flotation and other functions, without the help of other auxiliary equipment, forming an autogenetic flotation circuit. The device is in a horizontal configuration, which makes the process easy to be changed. In the flotation tank, the slurry cycle is reasonable, can effectively reduce the grit precipitation. Equipment has a large inspiratory capacity and the low-power devices. BF type mechanical agitation flotation cell is an improved version of the SF-type flotation cell mechanical agitation. In maintaining the self-absorption of air and pulp, without the ladder configuration, it also can reach that the mine returned without foam pump, etc. In addition, BF-type flotation Cell has a large inspiratory capacity, low-speed impeller, wear light, long life-span.
Zhejiang Golden has been committed to the development and improvement of the flotation cell Among many manufacturers.