How to Select a Crusher Machine


Crusher machine is widely used in mining, smelting, bui […]

Crusher machine is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, railway, irrigation, chemical industry and other industries. The common crusher machine is hammer crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, and sand machine.


Crushing materials. Different materials require different crushers and wear conditions. We should choose suitable machines to crush our materials. Such as high hardness basalt, marble, granite, quartz, sandstone, etc., we should use high strength jaw crusher, otherwise there will be high wear condition. For medium hardness materials such as gypsum and anthracite with less than 150Mpa compressive strength, the hammer crusher should be selected. As for limestone, marble and other soft rock, you can choose impact crusher.


Capacity. You should choose the right crushing machine according to your own capacity expectations. If you have a high capacity machine, there will be some energy loss. Otherwise, if you are less able to meet the market demand, you will have a waste of economic benefits. Therefore, it is quite important to estimate your own capacity expectations.


Quality of crusher. The price requires crusher quality. With excellent performance, reliable quality and high technical crusher, it can produce high quality finished product gravel and meet the high gravel demand of competitive construction market.


After-sales service. As an important part of purchasing equipment, we should choose the mining equipment industry with high reputation, standardization and scale. Good quality of after-sales service can provide the customers lots of convenience, and we can offer you the best after-sale service as possible as we can.


The user should select the crusher machine according to the actual situation. The properties of the material have a great influence on the performance of a crusher machine. Therefore, the customer should have a comprehensive understanding of the material, including humidity, hardness and toughness. In addition, different types of crusher have different uses. The jaw crusher is mainly used for crushing and crushing large materials into small pieces. Cone crusher and impact crusher are suitable for medium and fine crushing. Customers can choose the corresponding equipment according to their production requirements.