JJF Flotation Cell-Providing 2.5 Times the Circulating Volume


Zhejiang Golden produces the self-absorption air mechan […]

Zhejiang Golden produces the self-absorption air mechanical flotation cells including JJF, XJ, SF, BF, XCF II/KYFII other types. These products are widely used in ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, non-metallic mineral sorting. Here is a brief introduction as following.
The rotation of the impeller produces the eddy in a vertical tube and draft tube that forms the negative pressure, and the air is absorbed from the air inlet pipe, mixing with the ore slurry from a draft tube in the impeller and stator area. The motion of slurry-gas mixing flow generated by the impeller is along with the tangential direction, and then it is converted to a radial motion under the effect of a stator, and evenly distributed in the flotation cell. A mineral-laden foam will rise to the foam layer, and become foam products by the scraper.
JJF type mechanical float cells have the characteristics of shallow cells type, small impeller diameter, low rotating speed and low power consumption. The clearance between impeller and stator is big, and the stator is a cylinder with an oval hole, which makes for the mixture and dispersion of air and ore slurry. The stator is lower than the impeller, which makes a large circulating amount of ore slurry that is 2.5 times that of the ordinary flotation cell, which makes for the mineralization of air, medicament, and ore. Umbrella-shaped scattered cover with a hole can separate the eddy produced by impeller from foam layer in order to keep the ore slurry surface stable. With proper stir intensity, good effect of solid particle suspension, it has no sediment and no need of discharge when stopping, a wide range of processible particle size and high recovery rate of mineral dressing.
JJF mechanical float cells are suitable for a wide particle size range of material handling, higher recovery rates. And it is suitable for large and medium-sized flotation plant rough, sweep the election operations. Zhejiang Golden produces the mechanical float cells with a simple structure, and it is easy to operate. It has been widely recognized by users.