Flotation Machine Electrical Equipment


Flotation Equipment electrical equipment, including sta […]

Flotation Equipment electrical equipment, including starters, motors, plugs, controllers and control buttons.

Flotation load changes when working great, narrow working space, air jets, and gas and coal dust may cause explosions

Fried, flotation machine electrical equipment should meet the following basic requirements:

1, to ensure that flotation machine in all working conditions have high productivity;

2, with the provisions of the security regulations explosion-proof performance and locking devices to ensure safety;

3, the shell of electrical equipment should have high strength, so as not to be smashed ore dilapidated;

4, the stator insulation coil should have good heat resistance, oil resistance, resistance to damp and chemical rotten ability;

5, the motor should have a large overload capacity and a large starting torque;

6, the outline dimensions of the electrical equipment should be compatible with the flotation machine traction and the cutting department.