Flotation Machine Operation Instructions and Maintenance


Golden Machinery share the operating instructions and m […]

Golden Machinery share the operating instructions and maintenance of the flotation machine for you.

There are three general principles for the flotation operation of flotation machines:
1. according to the number of products and quality requirements for manipulation.
2. according to the nature of the ore to manipulate.
3. Keep the flotation process relatively undisturbed, because only the process can not be chaotic.

Flotation machine instructions:
1. The flotation machine (mineral flotation machine) should check the bolts before starting the machine.
2. Manual rotation should be performed before shutdown to prevent sedimentation from increasing motor load.
3. the studio should carefully adjust the height of the gate, so that the liquid surface to maintain stability.
4. At any time, the mineralized foam on the surface of the slurry is scraped into the flow cell.
5. the impeller and the stator should maintain a certain distance, should pay attention to replace the wear, a large or small distance between the inflatable effect is poor.
6. the pump body bearing maintenance once every three months.

Flotation machine use and maintenance:
1. The working capacity and working period of the flotation machine are the same as those of other machines. It is decided to maintain and maintain the normal operation of all major parts. All working parts should undergo a careful inspection in 3-4 months, and in the new flotation machine.Initial work Always check for months.
2. only skilled staff can check.
3. in order to replace the vulnerable parts in time, in order to shorten downtime, must be stored in the warehouse full of wearing parts. Determine the use date and reserve amount of wearing parts according to specific conditions.

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