Large Flotation Machine Has The Advantages of Low Power Consumption


With the development of mineral processing and mineral […]

With the development of mineral processing and mineral processing technology, the difficult grade minerals with low grade, fine grain size and complex mineral composition are increasingly increasing, which promotes flotation to become the main method for selecting minerals in non-ferrous metals, coal and other industries. Flotation machine is a flotation process. The most applied and most effective sorting equipment. So how to correctly operate the flotation machine to improve the sorting index?

Flotation machine types, specifications and the nature of the ore (ore density, grain size, clay content, floatability, etc.), the size of the beneficiation plant, the number of series, process structure and other factors related to the choice should pay attention to the following questions:

(1) Ore properties and requirements for sorting operations: For coarse or dense grain ore, high-concentration flotation methods are generally used to reduce the sedimentation velocity of particles and reduce the deposition of ore particles. Therefore, high-energy mechanical stirring floats should be used. Sorting machine. The high-energy mechanical stirring flotation machine not only has high slurry speed and strong stirring ability, but also can be started again after shutdown. If the pulp content is high, the sludge will enter the foam and the concentration of the product in the tank will gradually increase, resulting in insufficient driving power and difficulty in starting after shutdown. In this case, a high-energy mechanical stirring flotation machine should also be selected.

(2) Flotation machine specifications are reasonably determined based on slurry flow rate: Large flotation machines have the advantages of low power consumption, small floor space, and less automatic control equipment. They are usually preferred, but the number of flotation machines for each operation is high. It should be reasonably determined that usually no less than two tanks are selected, and no less than 4 to 6 tanks are used for rough and sweeping. At the same time, the selective operation is mainly to improve the concentrate grade, the flotation foam layer should be thinner, create favorable conditions for better separation of the gangue, no flotation machine with larger aeration capacity, therefore, flotation of selected operations Machine and coarse, sweeping flotation machine should be different.

(3) The life of worn parts and the change of agitation capacity and aeration after wear: Because the flotation machine impeller and the cover plate will wear to a certain extent in the flotation process, thereby affecting the agitation capacity and at best, so high resistance should be used. Grinding rubber lining the outside of the impeller and cover plate.

(4) Determining the specifications and quantity of the flotation machine through technical and economic comparison: In the comparison of plans, a general comparison should be made in terms of sorting indicators, operating expenses, operation management, maintenance and overhaul, but the selection index should be the dominant factor.