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The classifying equipment is widely used in the metal b […]

The classifying equipment is widely used in the metal beneficiation process for the particle size classification of the pulp, it can also be used for desliming and dehydration in the washing operations, and often forms a closed circuit process with the ball mill. The machine has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation and convenient operation. It is based on the principle that the solid particles have different sizes and different specific gravities, so the settling velocity in the liquid is different.

The fine ore particles float in the water and overflow, and the coarse ore particles sink to the bottom of the tank. A grading device for mechanical grading by pushing up the screw to the upper part, which can grind the material powder in the mill to filtration, and then screw the coarse material into the feed inlet of the mill with the screw blade and filter it. The fines discharged from the overflow pipe. Screw head into the water, the shaft, the use of cast iron sleeve, wear-resistant and durable, lifting device sub-electric and manual two.

The entire helix of the overflow end of the underwater spiral classifier is submerged in the settlement area under the liquid surface. The resettlement area has greater area and depth. Suitable for subdivision, the overflow particle size of less than 100 objects can be obtained. Zhejiang golden machinery factory is domestic a type of enterprise, advanced enterprises in Zhejiang with total assets of 150 million yuan.

In recent years, in the new coal preparation plant, slime heavy medium cyclone and spiral classifying equipment have been applied. Slime heavy medium cyclone and spiral classifying equipment. Slime dense medium cyclone separation in the centrifugal field, to a certain extent, improved the separation effect, but need to use superfine grinding magnetic powder as a medium, medium preparation, recovery system is complex, high operation cost, at present our country most of slime dense medium cyclone coal preparation system for optimum operation state, difficult to achieve an ideal separation effect; The spiral separator can realize the effective separation of 1-0.15mm class materials, but the processing capacity of the screw classifier equipment is low and it is difficult to produce in large scale.