Golden Machine Designs Reliable Flotation Machine for Customers


Flotation machine is suitable for the selection of colo […]

Flotation machine is suitable for the selection of colored ferrous metals, but also for the selection of non-metals such as coal, fluorite and talc. The flotation machine is driven by the motor triangle drive to rotate the impeller to generate centrifugal force to form a negative pressure. On the one hand, it inhales enough air to mix with the pulp. On the other hand, the slurry is mixed with the drug and the foam is refined to make the mineral bonded foam, float to the pulp surface to form a mineralized foam. Adjust the height of the gate to control the liquid level so that the useful foam is scraped by the scraper.

The Golden machine flotation device is one of the largest operating flotation devices in the world. With proven performance in fluid mechanics, metallurgy and mechanical reliability, Golden machine is the only source of your outstanding flotation technology.

Because pneumatic and foam separators are not commonly used in industry, they are not discussed in this module. Mechanical machinery is the most common flotation machine in industry at present, followed by the post machine which has experienced rapid growth recently.

Mechanical machinery consists of a mechanically driven impeller that disperses air into the agitating pulp. In normal practice, the machine is presented as a strip container with many continuous impeller. Mechanical machines can have an open pulp flow between the impeller or a weir between them with a unit to unit design.

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