Golden Machine Tells You the Advantages of Efficient Mixing Tank


The agitation tank is composed of a vertical shaft port […]

The agitation tank is composed of a vertical shaft portion, a shelf, a barrel portion, an overflow port, an electric motor, a motor seat, and a motor seat. The rotation of the impeller is obtained by the motor passing through the pulley and the V-belt to obtain the rotation of the impeller, so that the slurry and the medicament are evenly stirred, and flow out from the discharge hopper through the lifting device.

Golden machine knows the advantages of efficient mixing tank. The diameter of the impeller is larger, the mixing ability of the pulp and the medicine is strong; the impeller has a high line speed, and the pulp and the medicine have a strong stirring ability. The umbrella-shaped impeller enhances the mixing ability of the pulp and medicine; the enhancement of mixing capacity, so that the pulp and drug circulation capacity is also strengthened. There is a fluid guide in the tank. The large negative compression is small in a limited space, which accelerates the pumping capacity, makes the medicine and mineral circulation more powerful, and increases the pumping capacity and circulation capacity. The lower part of the fluid guiding body is provided with a spraying body, and the circulation ability of the medicine ore is further strengthened, which is favorable for raising the flotation index.

The range of use of high-efficiency mixing tank: the high-efficiency stirring tank is mainly used for slurry mixing before the flotation operation, so that the agent and the slurry are thoroughly mixed. It can also be used in industrial sectors such as slurry mixing and cyanide plants and sewage treatment plants in the chemical and building materials industries.