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Stainless steel Mixing Tank is commonly used in the pro […]

Stainless steel Mixing Tank is commonly used in the production of mixing equipment, in the actual production, we often encounter the problem of material mixing, especially in some chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, the material can be fully stirred not only can produce a good product, but also can Make the appearance of the product beautiful, uniform and clean.What kinds of stirrers do they have?

1 propeller type stirrer consists of 2 to 3 propeller blades . The working speed is high, and the peripheral speed of the blade outer edge is generally 5-15m/s. The propeller stirrer mainly causes axial liquid flow and generates a large amount of circulation. It is suitable for stirring suspensions with low viscosity (<2 Pa·s) liquids, emulsions, and solids content less than 10%. The shaft of the stirrer can also be inserted into the tank horizontally or diagonally. At this time, the circulation loop of the liquid flow is asymmetric, which can increase the turbulence and prevent the depression of the liquid surface.

2 Turbine Stirrer consists of two to four flat or curved blades mounted on a horizontal disc . The ratio of the outer diameter, width and height of the blade is generally 20:5:4, and the circumferential speed is generally 3 to 8 m/s. The turbine generates a highly turbulent radial flow during rotation, which is suitable for the dispersion of gas and immiscible liquids and the liquid-liquid reaction process. The viscosity of the liquid being stirred generally does not exceed 25 Pa·s.

3 paddle stirrers There are flat paddles and inclined paddles. The flat paddle stirrer consists of two flat blades. The ratio of the blade diameter to the height is 4 to 10, and the peripheral speed is 1.5 to 3 m/s, resulting in a smaller radial flow velocity. The two blades of the oblique paddle stirrer are oppositely bent by 45° or 60° so that axial flow occurs. The paddle stirrer has a simple structure and is often used for the mixing of low-viscosity liquids and the dissolution and suspension of solid particles.

4 The shape of the outer edge of the anchor stirrer blade is the same as the inner wall of the mixing tank. There is only a small gap between them, which can remove the viscous reaction products attached to the tank wall or the solid substances accumulated on the bottom of the tank, and keep the same. Good heat transfer effect. The peripheral speed of the blade is 0.5~1.5m/s, which can be used to stir Newtonian fluids and pseudoplastic fluids with viscosity up to 200 Pa·s (see viscous fluid flow. When mixing high viscosity liquids, the liquid layer has large Stagnation area.

5 Ribbon Agitator The outside diameter of the ribbon is equal to the pitch. It is specifically designed for stirring high-viscosity liquids (200-500 Pa·s) and pseudo-plastic fluids, usually operating in laminar flow.

6 Magnetic Stirrer The Corning Digital Heater features a closed circuit knob to monitor and adjust the stirrer speed. The microprocessor automatically adjusts motor power to suit water quality, viscous solutions, and semi-solid solutions.

7 Magnetic Heat Stirrers Corning Digital Heat Stirrers have an optional external temperature controller (Cat. No. 6795PR). They can also monitor and control the temperature in the vessel

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