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1. Mechanical agitation flotation machine The agitation […]

1. Mechanical agitation flotation machine
The agitation and agitation of the mechanical agitation flotation machine are accomplished by impellers and custom-made mechanical agitation
devices, which belong to external gas self-priming flotation machines. These are flotation machines, generally the upper gas suction type, ie Inhale air near the mechanical stirring device in the lower part of the flotation cell. According to the type of mechanical stirring device, this type of flotation machine can be divided into different models, such as XJ-type, XJQ-type, GF-type, SF-type, rod-shaped and so on. The advantage of this type of flotation machine is that it can self-absorb air and slurry, easy to realize self-flow when the mine returns, small auxiliary equipment, neat equipment configuration, simple operation and maintenance, etc.;disadvantage is that the amount of aeration is small, power consumption is high, and wear Larger and so on.

2. Inflatable mechanical stirring flotation machine
KYF type flotation machine is a kind of deep tank aeration mechanical flotation flotation machine, using U-shaped tank body and hollow shaft.
Its unique features include the use of unique single-wall, backward-turning vanes, inverted cone-shaped impellers, porous cylindrical gas diffusers, smaller suspended stators, and center-moving push-pull plates. The machine has a simple structure and installation. Convenient, able to reduce ore slurry short circuit and prevent bottom sedimentation, effective use of air bubbles, save fan air volume, low energy consumption, ore surface stability, high recovery rate, no need to mine ore parking, performance has reached and exceeded the advanced foreign OK flotation machine level.

3. Inflatable flotation machine
Inflatable flotation machine, which is characterized by no mechanical stirrer and no transmission parts, is provided with a specially-designed
pressure fan to provide air for inflation. The flotation column belongs to this type of flotation machine. The advantage is that the structure is simple and easy to manufacture. The disadvantage is that there is no stirrer to affect the flotation effect. The inflator is easy to cause calcium, which is not conducive to air dispersion. China developed and applied several types of flotation columns before and after the 1970s, but basically eliminated them due to many shortcomings. In recent years, with the re-emergence and successful application of foreign flotation column technology, China has developed several types of flotation columns and is promoting the operation of industrial production.

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