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Center transmission type. The center transmission type […]

Center transmission type. The center transmission type thickening equipment is mainly used for the dewatering treatment of wet concentrates in the beneficiation process, and is used for the first stage of dehydration--concentration. It is generally set between the selection and filtration equipment, and is sometimes used for dewatering before selection, and can also be used for dewatering operations in the chemical industry and coal preparation plants.

Central transmission thickening equipment performance characteristics:

1. Adopt reducer and worm gear drive, large transmission torque, high efficiency, and equipped with torque protection device, safe to use;

2. When the load is too large, the underwater scraping system can be manually (or electrically) lifted, then gradually reduced, scraping the sludge layer by layer;

3. Set the mud pit with a small scraper to agitate the scraping mud, completely drain the mud, and do not block.

The center transmission type thickening equipment is generally composed of a thickening tank, a truss, a transmission device, a truss lifting device, a feeding device, a unloading device, and a signal safety device.

The main feature of the center drive type concentrator is that a certain amount of flocculant is added to the pulp to be concentrated, so that the ore particles in the pulp form a floc, and the sedimentation speed is accelerated, thereby achieving the purpose of increasing the thickeningefficiency.

The center drive concentrators are mainly small and medium-sized specifications, and are mainly based on the introduction. At present, with the development of science and technology and the expansion of the application scale, a variety of models, specifications, and advanced technology have been introduced.

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