History Of Flotation Equipment In China


As early as the Ming Dynasty in China, flotation was ap […]

As early as the Ming Dynasty in China, flotation was applied to the pharmaceutical and metallurgical industries. In medicine, the use of natural hydrophobic mineral surface to purify cinnabar, talc and other mineral drugs, the mineral fine powder floating on the water, but with the sinking of the gangue separately. In the late 19th century, due to the increasing demand for metals, the resources of coarse-grained lead, zinc and copper sulphide ore that could be re-selected gradually decreased. In order to select fine-grained ores, flotation was clearly put forward as a beneficiation method . Since the 1970s, in addition to mechanical agitation flotation machines, inflatable flotation machines and flotation columns have been continuously innovating in structure and materials, and have been gradually recognized by the market for large-scale industrial applications.

Flotation Equipment in our study, started late, until the mid-1950s, began to imitate the former Soviet Union Miha-nabul type flotation machine, due to the industrial conditions at that time, until the 1970s began independent research and development to In the early 1980s, JJF mechanical stirring flotation machine was successfully developed. Subsequently, dozens of flotation machines, such as aerated mechanical agitation flotation machine, coarse particle flotation machine and flash flotation machine, were successively developed to meet the needs of different beneficiation Factory production requirements.

Since 1980, with the sustained and rapid growth of world economy and domestic economy, the continuous improvement of flotation theory research and flotation equipment technology, and the continuous deterioration of ore properties in recent years, flotation equipment at home and abroad has become large, diversified and automated And other research has made significant progress. According to different technological requirements, manufacturers have developed a wide range of flotation equipment, both to meet the metal sorting, but also to meet the non-metallic and sewage treatment, etc. Separation, both for roughing, scanning, selection, etc. Operating flotation machine, there are also available in the grinding circuit flash flotation machine, both conventional grain-size minerals can be selected, but also to meet the selection of coarse-grained mineral requirements.

With the increase of the volume of flotation equipment and the continuous innovation of automatic control technology, in order to meet the requirements of safety, product quality, production efficiency and environmental protection in the process of dressing and production, the automatic control of flotation process is getting higher and higher.