How to Choose Suitable Flotation Machine


Flotation machine and flotation column are two categori […]

Flotation machine and flotation column are two categories. Flotation machine according to the different inflatable, divided into mechanical mixing and aeration mechanical mixing two forms. Mechanical agitation flotation machine is based on mechanical stirrer (rotor and stator group) to realize slurry agitation and aeration. The advantage is that it can suck air without external aeration device, and some models of flotation machine also have the ability to absorb pulp. Return easy to achieve gravity; drawback is its inflatable smaller, power consumption and wear are generally higher. Inflatable mechanical stirring flotation machine is a mechanical stirrer to agitate the pulp, and the inflator is provided by a separate pressure fan. The main advantage is that the aeration is large and adjustable, the impeller is small, and the electricity consumption is low; the disadvantage is that there is no suction capacity. , Need to set up a separate blower, in addition to XCF-type self-absorption capacity with the slurry, the other models flotation machine without self-suction suction capacity, the need to set pulp return pump, the configuration is not convenient enough.

There is a certain degree of self-absorption of pulp and air capacity, but poor air dispersion, the foam is not stable enough, prone to "over-flow" phenomenon; inflatable volume is not easy to adjust, does not adapt to changes in the nature of ore; flotation slow, coarse, dense Minerals are easy to precipitate; suitable for easy floating minerals, small and medium-sized flotation plants and large-scale concentrating plant selection operations.

Flotation column without mechanical stirring air flotation device, simple structure, easy manufacture and installation, small footprint. However, due to no mechanical stirring device, when flotation of coarse particles and large-density minerals, it is difficult to float, the sorting effect is poor; the inflator is easy to be clogged, it is difficult to operate and control; the equipment is highly educated and the accidents of the large flotation column are dealt with. Facilities are more complicated. At present, the domestic flotation is mainly used for the flotation of mineral composition of simple, high grade, easy flotation sulfide ore.

Flotation equipment in addition to considering the choice of equipment performance, characteristics, but also must make it with the nature of ore, beneficiation plant size, flotation operations and other adaptations.