How to Use XCFII/KYFII Type Flotation Machine Flotation Equipment


XCFII/KYFII Type Flotation Equipment driven by the tria […]

XCFII/KYFII Type Flotation Equipment driven by the triangle drive on behalf of the impeller rotation, resulting in the formation of negative pressure centrifugal, on the one hand, inhalation of sufficient air and pulp mixing, on the one hand mixing slurry and drug mixing, while refining the foam, the mineral bonding foam Above, float to the mineral surface and then form a mineralized foam.

XCFII/KYFII Type flotation machine to adjust the height of the gate, control the liquid level, the useful foam was scraped scraper. After the slime and the medicament are fully mixed, they are fed into the bottom of the first chamber of the flotation machine. After the impeller rotates, a negative pressure is formed in the wheel cavity so that the pulp under the tank and the pulp in the tank respectively enter from the lower suction mouth and the upper suction mouth of the impeller The mixing zone also allows air to enter the mixing zone along the gas guide sleeve where the slurry, air and medicament mix. Under the centrifugal force of the impeller, the mixed pulp enters into the mineralized zone, the air forms a bubble and is crushed, fully contacts with the coal particles to form a mineralized bubble, uniformly distributed in the tank body under the action of the stator and the turbulent flow plate Section, and move up into the separation zone, the enrichment of the formation of foam layer, the bubble squeeze out the body to form a clean coal foam.

The bottom of the bottom of the coal is not mineralized coal through the circulation hole and the mouth once again mixed with mineralization and separation. The part of the pulp which is not sucked in by the impeller at the bottom of the tank enters into the third chamber through the middle ore box buried in the slurry and enters the third chamber after completing the whole process of the first chamber. The flotation machine thus goes on and off, After a room into the tailings tank to discharge the final tailings.

Operation and maintenance procedures

1, We must first check to see if there is something stuck in the groove before, the impeller is off and with the belt, screw connection, etc., and then began to work.

2, the rotation joints should be added to lubricants, bearing at least three months to change the grease once. (Grease requirements melting point ≥ º C)

3, To clean the tank, impeller, and dry; keep the machine durable, clean and beautiful after using.

4, Replace the impeller, the first impeller to unscrew the stator and lower body after the release of the solid screw, put on a new impeller and stator.

5, moving flotation machine, the focus should be on the body, not in any parts, so as to avoid damage. 6, flotation tank temperature 15-50 º C.