Spiral Classifying Equipment Main Parts Structure Description


1. Transmission: Spiral classifying equipment is compos […]

1. Transmission: Spiral classifying equipment is composed of motor, reducer, spur gear pair and bevel gear.

2. Spiral (left, right): It is composed of hollow shaft, bracket, spiral blade, lining iron and so on. The hollow shaft is welded by seamless steel tubes, journals and flanges. The wear life is critical in use, and the lining iron is made of a wear-resistant material.

3. Lower bearing: Because of its long-term immersion in the slurry, it is easy to wear, and regular maintenance and replacement are its main features. Therefore, the machine adopts live bushings and nylon bushings. When the sleeve and the bearing bush are worn out, a new set of sleeves and tiles can be replaced ten minutes after lifting the screw by the lifting mechanism to facilitate maintenance and replacement.

4. Sink: welded by steel plates and various types of steel. The sink holds all the mineral prizes and bears the weight and all the load of the body. Therefore, it is very important to support the foundation construction of the sink. In order to avoid the deformation of the sink due to improper support, it will affect the operation of the machine.

Turning to see, this machine is attached with a schematic diagram of the foundation structure, which can be used as a reference for foundation design.

5. Drain valve: In order to discharge pulp from the water tank when necessary, there is a drain valve in the lower part of the water tank, which can be discharged at any time and can be closed during normal production.

6. Lifting device: It consists of motor, worm gear reducer, bevel gear pair, nut, screw and other components. When the spiral classifying equipment stops working, a lifting device is provided to prevent the solid deposit in the slurry from pressing down on the screw, generating an overload operation, and the need for overhaul work. When the grader stops, the spiral must be lifted from the water tank to make most of the spiral away from the pulp. To ensure the safety and reliability of the lifting device, a trip end point switch is specially provided so that the lift stroke can be controlled automatically. When the screw is lifted, hang the screw with a hook to prevent it from falling off. When the spiral classifying equipment stops, the lifting device starts automatically to raise the screw to a certain height. When the spiral classifying equipment is working, the lifting device also rotates to lower the screw to the working position. This can maintain the life of the transmission components and prevent the hollow shaft from being overloaded. And break it. Whether it is necessary to install linkage control electrical devices, the user can determine according to specific conditions, the manufacturer does not supply the components needed for the electrical device.