Mixed Tank Standard Operating Procedure


Purpose Elimination of human-caused accidents and ensur […]

Elimination of human-caused accidents and ensuring the normal operation of the equipment.
Scope of application
400L, 300L, 600L Mixing Tank.
1. The extraction operator should use and sanitize according to this regulation.
2. Maintenance personnel repair and maintenance according to this regulation.
3. The manager of the production management department is responsible for supervising the implementation of this regulation.
1 ) Check if the equipment is "normal" and confirm that the equipment is clean and meets the requirements.
2 ) Check whether the connection between the stirring paddle and the motor is firm and reliable.
3 ) According to the amount of liquid handled, the stirring tank is selected. The general liquid sample volume is not less than 1/3 of the mixing tank volume.
4 ) Slowly adjust the speed control knob (frequency converter) to increase the stirring speed slowly until it reaches the required speed.
Speed ​​range is 80--1400 r/min.
5 ) Turn the speed control knob to zero speed.
6 ) Add liquid and turn on the power switch.
7 ) After the device is used, turn off the power.
8 ) According to the "standard operating procedures for cleaning and disinfection of the mixing tank" for cleaning and disinfection.
9 ) Fill in the relevant records.
2. Precautions
1 ) The distance between the stirrer rotor and the container should be noted. If it is a glass container, it should be noted that the stirring speed should not be too fast.
2 ) If you need to process the sample, you must first turn off the power switch, and adjust the speed knob to the minimum value, then repeat the above operation.
3 ) In the event of severe sparks, the machine must be shut down immediately for inspection and repaired to prevent further damage.
4 ) If the motor does not turn during use, check the power supply, governor, fuse, motor brush, etc. If the speed control section or the motor is damaged, notify the maintenance personnel to inspect.