Performance Reference Of The Flotation Machine


Flotation Machine mining equipment in the mineral proce […]

Flotation Machine mining equipment in the mineral processing equipment is still relatively cheap, different models, different volumes of flotation machine prices are not necessarily, when the user receives the factory flotation machine, how to test the performance of the flotation machine, Determine whether the flotation machine can really meet their own dressing requirements. Whether it is inflatable flotation machine or aspirating flotation machine, the amount of air and stirring intensity are important reference to measure the performance of the flotation machine status, this article on the market is better self-priming mechanical stirring flotation Machine as an example, briefly explain.

Self-suction type depends on its suction performance, the greater the amount of air intake, the degree of dispersion of air will be better, in order to have enough air evenly dispersed in the flotation machine slurry, increase the mineral particles and bubble contact, adhesion The chances for the quality and quantity of concentrate have greatly improved. The air needs to be evenly distributed inside the tank body of the flotation machine. The same is true for the pulp. Both of them have the effect of evenly dispersing in the tank body and can not be separated from the stirring effect of the flotation machine impeller.

Under the action of impeller rotating at high speed, the mineral particles overcome and eliminate the stratification and deposition of coarse particles due to gravity, so that the coarse particles are evenly distributed in suspension. Inhaled air is agitated into a single small air bubbles, and make it evenly distributed inside the tank. In addition is flotation reagents, flotation reagents preparation methods, as mentioned above. In particular, the sparingly soluble flotation reagent can disperse and dissolve rapidly under the action of the flotation machine to improve the flotation effect and the utilization of the flotation reagents.

However, the flotation machine mixing strength is not as high as possible, the stirring strength is too high, increasing the speed and strength of the pulp rise, resulting in instability of the slurry level foam layer, affecting the quality of concentrate flotation; nor too low, too low Stirring is not enough, the effect of mineral particles can not reach uniform suspension, coarse ore particles are also prone to delamination and deposition, affecting the flotation effect.