Pre-screening the Advantages of Ore Using Screening Equipment


The rational screening of ore is an increasingly promin […]

The rational screening of ore is an increasingly prominent way to maximize the use of the mine. It is for this reason that Screening Equipment is becoming more and more important.

The mining industry typically uses a “one size fits all” approach and strives to process all ore from the deposit through an extraction process. This process is designed for ordinary or typical ores, which usually means that the ore is mixed during the process. This type of processing needs to be improved. Maximizing the value of ore screening requires a change in mining methods. The goal should be to take advantage of the natural variations in the deposit rather than mixing them.

Bulk ore screening on the mining face (inside or in the pit) allows immediate ore and waste to be directed to the appropriate destination (waste stacking or disposal). The feasibility of this approach will depend on the availability of suitable space for screening equipment and the mining methods employed and the potential impact on mining productivity.

The grade of material is increased by screening to remove additional waste that is mined due to less selective mining. In addition, flotation and leaching recovery rates typically increase due to higher ore grades.

Pre-screening is more than just an industry term. Eliminating useless materials as early as possible can bring significant convenience, especially in today's low-grade mining operations. As the energy consumption per ton of product is reduced, greenhouse gas emissions and water losses also reduce the production of tailings, and the increase in ore utilization increases the mine revenue.