Reliable Spiral Classifying Equipment Supported by Golden Machinery Factory


Working principle of the spiral classifying equipment: […]

Working principle of the spiral classifying equipment: spiral classifying equipment is by means of solid grain size is different, the proportion of different, therefore in the liquid velocity for different principle of fine particles floating in the water in the overflow, coarse particles sink on the bottom of the channel. Conducted by spiral to the upper discharge and mechanical classification of a grading equipment, can grinding mill in the powder level in the filter, and then the coarse material using spiral vane rotary screwing in mill inlet, to filter out the fine material discharge from the overflow pipe. The base of the machine is channel steel, and the body is welded with steel plate. Screw shaft inlet head, shaft head, use pig iron sleeve, wear-resistant and durable, lifting devices are divided into electric and manual two.

Spiral classifying equipment structure: classifier is mainly composed of transmission device, helix, tub, lifting mechanism, the lower bearing (bearing) and the exhaust valve size of the machine base adopts channel steel, the body uses the steel plate welded together. Screw shaft inlet head, shaft head, use pig iron sleeve, wear-resistant and durable.

In recent years, in the new coal preparation plant, slime heavy medium cyclone and spiral classifying equipment has been applied. Slime dense medium cyclone separation in a centrifugal force field, to a certain extent, to improve separation effect, but you need to use the superfine grinding magnet kuangfen as medium, medium preparation, recovery system is complex, the high cost of running, led to the current our country most of the coal slime dense medium cyclone coal preparation system is in the best running state, difficult to achieve an ideal separation effect; The spiral separator can realize the effective separation of 1-0.15mm grade materials, but the processing capacity of the spiral classifying equipment is low and it is difficult to be large-scale. Moreover, the lowest practical separation density can only reach about 1,600kg /m3, which is more suitable for the separation of the more easily selected dynamic coal, and it is more difficult to wash the coking coal at low density. Zhejiang Golden Machinery Factory can provide complete sets of major technical equipment and complete sets of engineering for the mining, building materials, metallurgy, nonferrous metal, electric power, chemical industry, environmental protection and other basic industries.