Select a Suitable Flotation Machine for Your Work


Flotation machine type, the choice of specifications an […]

Flotation machine type, the choice of specifications and to the nature of the ore, beneficiation plant size, the number of series, the process structure and other factors. When choosing, should pay attention to the following several questions.

Ore properties and sorting operations requirements: For coarse or dense size of the feed, priority should be given to the flotation machine suspension capacity, that is, the cycle of slurry tank performance. Occasionally encounter the following anomalies: mud content is high, the mud into the foam tank caused by the product concentration by slot, resulting in lack of drive power and shutdown is difficult to start again. At this point, priority should be given to shallow tank, mixing ability flotation machine, such as Waman flotation machine, toroidal flotation machine. In the tank product density, coarse particle size, the same is true. Under normal circumstances, various types of mineral processing machinery with mechanical flotation machine can adapt. Non-ferrous metal flotation particle size requirements. In general, flotation machine inflatable volume is adjustable to meet the rough selection, select the different needs of homework, designers are concerned about the maximum amount of air and foam layer stability.

The flotation machine specifications are reasonably determined on the basis of pulp flow: large flotation machines should be prioritized for their advantages of saving electricity and space and reducing the number of automatic measuring instruments and actuators. However, the number of flotation machines for each operation should be determined reasonably, usually not less than two tanks, coarse, sweep no less than 4 to 6 tanks. From this calculated the necessary single tank volume, determine the flotation machine specifications.

Despite the superior performance of flotation columns, especially microbubble flotation columns, mechanical agitation flotation machines are still dominant. In China, three types of flotation machines, JJF, XJQ, CHF, Bs - X and XJC, KYE and BS - K, have been serialized and enlarged. They will replace the XJ type (or type A, XJK) type flotation machine produced in our country. In order to transform the existing production of XJ flotation machine, Beijing Mining Research Institute successfully developed XJZ flotation machine. The machine takes full advantage of tank, scraper and scraper drive parts, motor and motor frame parts of XJ flotation machine to replace the main shaft parts with the mine box, tailings box and foam tank, Inspiratory new flotation machine. Its impeller life than the XJ-type extension of 3 to 4 times, and increased inflation, foam layer stability.