Something About Flotation Machine Structure and Principle


Flotation machine is one of the key equipments in miner […]

Flotation machine is one of the key equipments in mineral processing. It is used according to the physicochemical properties and the role of the material itself. Flotation machines are suitable for the screening of non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and non-metallic materials. Flotation machine with large suction volume, Low power consumption, with a single tank with the function of suction and flotation.Golden Machinery as an excellent flotation equipment manufacturers share some knowledge for everyone.
Flotation machine structure
Hybrid flotation machines use "U" cell bodies, hollow shaft breathing apparatus, suspended stators, and especially a new type of impeller, such as high-speed centrifugal pump impellers. Its simple structure and low energy consumption. There is more than one in the impeller chamber
A circular air distributor for the hole, which allows the air to disperse evenly in many areas of the impeller so that the contact surface of the pulp and air is large.
1. Slurry pile is a tank: It includes the port and switching device that feed the pulp. It is composed of two parts, tank welding and switch, and it is welded together with steel plate and steel bar.
2. Mixing device: used for mixing pulp to prevent sedimentation of the ore.
It consists of a pulley, an impeller made of wear-resistant rubber and a vertical shaft.
3. Inflatable device: Consists of a duct intake pipe. When the impeller rotates, the negative pressure generated in the impeller chamber sucks air through the hollow pump line and disperses into the precast slurry to form bubbles. Due to the rotational force of the impeller, a large amount of bubbles are put into the slurry Subsequently, the bubbles in the pulp are thinned and the rotational flow of the pulp in the flotation tank is eliminated.
Then a large number of bubbles rise vertically, providing the necessary conditions for the flotation process.
4. Eliminating mineralized foam devices: Generally, the air bubbles above the cell surface are scraped off in the case of an engine-driven speed reducer.
How the flotation machine works

When the flotation machine is working, mud is sucked into the space between the impellers from the bottom of the tank. At the same time, the low-pressure air sent by the fan is sent to this area through the air distributor inside the hollow shaft. After fully mixing, the slurry is pushed out by the impeller and then reaches the entire Slot. When the foam reaches a stable level, the foam overflows from the overflow weir to the foam tank after concentration. Another part of the slurry flows into the lower part of the impeller and mixes with the air. The remaining slurry flows into the next tank until it becomes a residue.

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