The BF Flotation Machine Has Strong Stirring Power


The BF type flotation machine is a self-priming type me […]

The BF type flotation machine is a self-priming type mechanical agitation flotation machine. Its main features are: (1) It adopts a unique closed impeller with a double cone disk and has a novel structure, which is different from the impellers of other flotation machines at home and abroad. The structure has the advantages of strong stirring power, energy saving and large inspiratory capacity; (2) The lower circulation of the slurry under the tank body is strong, which is conducive to the suspension of coarse-grained minerals, avoids the coarse sand-sinking, and improves the sorting index. (3) With the double function of suction and flotation, the intermediate product of the flotation circuit is circulated by self-priming, and no auxiliary equipment is required; (4) The horizontal configuration between the operation stages facilitates the flotation of the old flotation plant. The machine is updated; (5) the use of the overall production of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene impeller, its life can reach up to 2 times the original steel skeleton

The grinded ore is ground and then watered and the necessary chemicals are transferred into a slurry through a stirred tank. The slurry is then poured into the slurry tank that starts stirring, and air is introduced into the slurry to form a large amount of air bubbles, some of which are not easily affected by water. Wet, commonly known as hydrophobic mineral particles adhere to the bubbles and float together with the bubbles to the surface of the slurry, forming a mineralized bubble layer, and others that are easily wetted by water, commonly known as hydrophilic mineral particles. It does not adhere to the air bubbles, but stays in the pulp and discharges the mineralized bubbles containing specific minerals, thereby achieving the purpose of beneficiation.

Flotation machine is suitable for sorting of colored ferrous metals. It can also be used for the selection of non-metals such as coal, fluorite and talc. The flotation machine is driven by the motor's V-belt drive to rotate the impeller to generate centrifugal force to generate negative pressure. Sufficient air is mixed with the pulp. On the one hand, the slurry is mixed with the drug and the foam is refined to allow the mineral to adhere to the foam and float to the pulp surface to form a mineralized foam. Adjust the height of the gate and control the liquid level so that the useful foam is scraped by the scraper.