The Difference Between Flotation Machine and Flotation Column


Flotation machine and flotation column are all minerals […]

Flotation machine and flotation column are all minerals industry equipment, both flotation equipment, but what is the difference between the two? I will take you closer to understand!

Conventional flotation process is the slime water by the pulp pretreatment after sent to the flotation machine, flotation machine sorted by disc vacuum filter. The process is more complex, especially the vacuum filter should also be equipped with vacuum pump, gas-water separator, filtrate pump, cooling water system, demineralized water equipment and other equipment, in addition, the process generally 2 to 3 storey layout. Therefore, the process is characterized by: investment, equipment, power consumption, complex technology, large amount of maintenance, high operating costs. However, due to the application of the technology for many years in China, it has accumulated rich experience and is currently the most widely used flotation process in China.

Flotation column - box filter flotation process is the China University of Mining and Technology to Swirl - static microbubble flotation column as the core developed a new coal flotation process system. The process uses direct flotation process, the slime water slurry mixing tank sent to the flotation column sorting, sorting out the use of coal-type filter press filter. Compared with the previous process, the process is much simpler, not only less investment, less power consumption, and the maintenance of small, low operating costs, and because of the inherent advantages of flotation column makes the process of adaptation to slime, Separation accuracy and yield are higher than the conventional flotation machine. In addition, the process takes full advantage of the high flotation column discharge outlet layout using the ground, greatly saving civil investment.

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