The Features of Thickening Equipment


The Thickening Equipment is suitable for the deminerali […]

The Thickening Equipment is suitable for the demineralization of concentrates and tailings of the beneficiation plant and is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, non-metal mineral processing, environmental protection and other industries. High-efficiency concentration equipment is actually not a simple settling device but a new dewatering device that combines the filtration characteristics of mud layers.

1. The device has the advantages of small area, exquisite production, complete facilities and convenient operation. Particularly suitable for small batch, multi-variety production methods.

2. Thickening equipment is equipped with: vacuum pump, liquid pump, filter, liquid tank, control cabinet and other accessories. The equipment is divided into steam heating and electric heating. After the equipment is purchased, it can be used simply by connecting with water, electricity or steam.

3. Thickening equipment is full-featured, suitable for water extraction and alcohol extraction, can perform normal pressure and negative pressure extraction and can recover volatile oil. The vacuum converter and the control box are configured, which is easy to operate, and can realize normal temperature extraction and low temperature concentration; normal temperature extraction at room temperature concentration; low temperature extraction and low temperature concentration and other technological requirements.

4. Electric heating structure design advanced, efficient, safe, fast heating and cooling, heating evenly. The tank is equipped with a safety decompression device to ensure safe use.

5. Can achieve reflux extraction process, reduce the extraction concentration time, save solvent.

6. The unique oil-water separator design integrates the vacuum conversion function to make the oil-water separation effect better. Glass material for easy viewing.