The Stages Involved in the Flotation Machine Process


The Flotation Machine method is the same as other miner […]

The Flotation Machine method is the same as other mineral processing methods, and it is necessary to prepare the materials before sorting, that is, the ore needs to be broken, milled, and graded to reach the concentration and fineness of suitable flotation. The flotation machine operation itself has the following basic stages:

Preparation of pulp, including adjustment of slurry concentration, addition of flotation chemicals, adjustment of slurry pH, elimination of harmful ion in the flotation machine process, change of surface properties of minerals, etc. The purpose is to cause differences in the surface properties of minerals, to change the wettability of the mineral surface, to adjust the selectivity of the mineral surface, to create favorable conditions for flotation machine, so that some mineral particles can adhere to air bubbles, and some mineral particles cannot adhere to bubble.

With the aid of the aeration stirring effect of the flotation machine, air is introduced into the flotation tank, resulting in the dispersion of air in the slurry to form a large number of bubbles, or to promote the formation of microbubbles in the air dissolved in the slurry. Along with this, the ore particles are selectively attached to the bubbles, which is the most basic behavior in the flotation process.

Formation of mineralized foam layer and scraping. The mineralized foam rises from the lower part of the flotation tank to the upper mineral slurry surface of the flotation machine to form a mineralized foam layer. The target mineral concentrates in the foam, scrapes it out to form the concentrate (medium ore) product, and the non-purpose mineral remains in the Flotation tank. In order to achieve the purpose of sorting.

In general, minerals floated by flotation operations are useful minerals. Such a flotation process is called positive flotation. Conversely, flotation minerals are gangues, which are called reverse flotation (counter flotation).