The Thickening Equipment Is Widely used in Mining Industry


The Thickening Equipment is suitable for the deminerali […]

The Thickening Equipment is suitable for the demineralization of concentrates and tailings of the beneficiation plant and is widely used in industries such as metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, non-metal mineral processing, and environmental protection. High-efficiency Thickening Equipment is actually not a simple settling device but a new dewatering device that combines the filtration characteristics of mud layers.

The characteristics of the Thickening Equipment are: (1) Adding flocculants to increase the particle size of the settled solid particles, thereby accelerating the settling velocity; (2) Installing inclined plates to shorten the settling distance of ore particles and increase the settlement area; (3) To play the role of sedimentation in dense sediments Layer flocculation, filtration, compression and increase the role of processing capacity; (4) equipped with a complete automatic control facilities.

The enrichment equipment (high-efficiency Thickening Equipment) is generally composed of a concentration tank, a truss, a transmission device, a truss lifting device, a feeding device, a unloading device, and a signal safety device. The main feature of the enrichment equipment (high-efficiency Thickening Equipment) is that a certain amount of flocculant is added to the slurry to be concentrated, so that the ore particles in the pulp form a floc, and the sedimentation speed is accelerated, thereby achieving the purpose of increasing the concentration efficiency.

Adjustable counterweight baffle effectively optimizes slurry flocculation and reduces drainage time. The upwardly flowing smooth rake design distributes the slurry evenly over the entire width of the conveyor belt. The large filter area provides efficient thickening and cost-effective chemical utilization.

The goal of the proposed improvement is to replace existing centrifuge equipment with low-energy, non-shear thickening equipment so that the city can maximize its processing capacity and reduce its operating costs. Zhejiang Golden Machinery Factory is a national medium enterprise and also an advanced enterprise in Zhejiang province. There is a professional research and development center that integrates product R&D and manufacturing.