The Use of NXZ Type Thickening Tank


NXZ Type Thickening Tank is mainly used for clarificati […]

NXZ Type Thickening Tank is mainly used for clarification and concentration of mine slime water or pulp, and has reached the purpose of dehydration. This machine can also be used in electric power, chemical industry and other departments to handle other kinds of slurry.
Structural features and working principle:
1. The thickener is mainly composed of a bridge frame, a drive lifting mechanism, a long shaft, a short shaft, a steady flow tube, a hydraulic station, and an electronic control device.
2. The bridge is installed on the column of reinforced concrete. The bridge is the channel for the operator to enter the thickener, and it is also the part that the machine bears all the weight.
3. The steady flow tube is installed below the bridge and the feed tube is connected to the flow control tube. After the material enters the flow control tube through the feed tube, it enters the interior of the concentration tank.
4. The drive lifting mechanism is installed on the bridge, and the truss is installed on the side of the lower square table. When the main shaft of the drive device rotates, it drives the truss to rotate. The lower rake of the rake rakes the settled material to the center of the thickening tank. Exhausted by an underflow pump.
5. The hydraulic station provides power for the drive lifting mechanism. The oil pump of the hydraulic station is a variable pump. By adjusting the oil discharge amount of the oil pump, the rotation speed of the truss can be changed, and the optimum technological effect has been achieved. When the material settled to the bottom of the concentration tank increases, the working resistance of the truss increases as the bed becomes thicker. When the working resistance reaches 5.5MPa, the pressure relay and time delay relay, Solenoid valve action, cut off the hydraulic motor's oil circuit, this time the spindle stops rotating, lift cylinder raises the truss up, about 3-5 seconds delay, the solenoid valve moves again. The oil supply to the hydraulic motor resumes, and the spindle starts to rotate again. When the truss is lifted, the working resistance is reduced. If it is reduced to 4 MPa or less, the rake will not be lifted, and the truss stays rotating at this height.Work, the tooth hung the material to the center of the pool. As the work resistance increases again to the set value, the truss is lifted again, and the above actions are repeated to achieve the purpose of automatically lifting and lowering the rake.
When the working resistance of the truss increases continuously and the piston of the lifting cylinder approaches the limit stroke, the stroke switch acts to cut off the power and the whole machine stops operating. At this point, you should remove the fault and manually restart the system.

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