Thickening Equipment Application


Thickening Equipment is used to thicken primary or seco […]

Thickening Equipment is used to thicken primary or secondary sludge prior to centrifuge or digestion processes.

Gravity belt thickeners are a very cost effective means of thickening sludge. The simplicity of the gravity belt thickening equipment & machinery makes it easy to maintain and its low power consumption makes it inexpensive to operate. of gravity belt thickening equipment, also known as gravity belt thickeners, are typically found in municipal wastewater plants, but may also be used in industrial wastewater facilities. Compositech gravity tables are designed to concentrate sludge, by means of gravity drainage of water through a permeable synthetic belt. Our design provides for extended drainage of dilute, high volatile and unstable sludges. Our gravity tables are designed for continuous 24-hour per day, 365 day per year operation with minimal maintenance.

The adjustable counter-weighted baffle allows for efficient optimization of slurry flocculation and shortened drainage time. The up-flow smooth, weir design provides uniform distribution of slurry across entire width of the belt. Large filtration area provides high efficiency thickening and cost effective chemical utilization. The combination Foil Doctor and adjustable angle plows provide twice the liquid removal.

The Screw Thickener range of thickening and dewatering equipment has been specifically developed to meet the challenges of sewage treatment and industrial plants. The goal of the proposed improvement is to replace the existing centrifuge equipment with low energy, non-shear thickening equipment so that the city can maximize treatment capacity and lower operating cost of the facility.