Thickening Equipment Increases Material Utilization


Thickening Equipment is suitable for concentrates and t […]

Thickening Equipment is suitable for concentrates and tailings dehydration of concentrator, widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, non-metallic mineral processing, environmental protection and other industries. Efficient concentration equipment is actually not a pure sedimentation equipment, but a new type of dewatering equipment that combines the characteristics of the mud filtration. Concentration equipment is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, chemicals, building materials, environmental protection departments of sludge, waste water, waste treatment, to improve the utilization of backwater and underflow concentration and the protection of the environment is of great significance.

Thickening equipment (high thickening equipment) generally mainly by the thickener, racks, gear, racks lifting device, feeding device, discharge device and signal safety devices and other components. Concentration equipment (high concentration equipment) work is the main feature of the slurry to be concentrated to add a certain amount of flocculant, the ore particles in the formation of flocs to accelerate its settlement rate, and thus to achieve the purpose of improving the concentration efficiency.

Center-driven thickener, mainly used for the beneficiation process wet concentrate concentrate dehydration system, for the first stage of dehydration - for concentration purposes. It is generally installed between filtration equipment and filtration equipment, sometimes used as a dewatering before selection, and can also be used for dehydration in the chemical industry and coal preparation plant. The main feature of the center-driven thickener is to add a certain amount of flocculant to the slurry to be concentrated so as to form flocks of mineral particles in the slurry to speed up the settling velocity and thereby achieve the purpose of increasing the concentration efficiency. At present, with the development of science and technology, the expansion of the application scale, a variety of models, specifications, technologically advanced central drive thickener come out one after another.

The peripheral drive thickener drive power from the gear reducer driven gear on the peripheral rake arm, through the gear meshing with the circular rack on the edge of the pool drive, and rake arm driven rake movement, by the rake rack at a certain The angle of the scraper will be concentrated at the bottom of the pool of high concentrations of sludge scraped to the center and discharged.