Thickening Tank Plays an Important Role in Mineral Processing


There are many methods and equipment for mineral proces […]

There are many methods and equipment for mineral processing, such as dry selection, Thickening Tank, wet selection, re-election, magnetic separation, flotation and other mineral processing methods. Due to the large-scale development and utilization of mineral resources, the available resources are decreasing day by day, resulting in a decline in the taste of raw ore mining, and the subsequent processing of smelting and other quality requirements for mineral processing products is also increasing. At the same time, human environmental awareness is growing. These realities have placed increasing demands on beneficiation equipment, prompting the development of mineral processing equipment to be larger, better and more energy efficient. The birth of a new type of mineral processing equipment often leads to changes in the beneficiation process. Thickening tank plays an important role in mineral processing.

Close to the actual focus on the comprehensive recycling of minerals, safety and environmental protection, more attention to the comprehensive consideration of the economic investment and construction speed of the mine, focusing on the comparison of the program and the rational use of the site, but also paying special attention to the application of innovative equipment technology combination. It is in this situation that the combination of low-cost magnetite ore dressing equipment and tailings dry-discharge process equipment independently developed by independent innovation has been born and reached the international advanced level.

It can provide mineral processing tasks for nearly 70 kinds of ores and minerals such as gold, silver, copper, iron, silica sand and feldspar. The magnetite ore dressing equipment process of iron ore greatly reduces the cost compared with the traditional equipment process, and opens up a new situation of energy-saving innovation of magnetite ore dressing equipment. It is not only the innovation of technology and process, but also the improvement of traditional beneficiation equipment and the cost of the enterprise in production applications. It has effectively promoted the continuous innovation of mineral processing equipment and the development of energy efficient.