Three Types of Flotation Machine


First introduce the difference between the three types […]

First introduce the difference between the three types of flotation machine: 1, mechanical agitation Flotation Machine, the impeller or rotor rotation and make the pulp aeration and mixing; 2, pressurized flotation machine, by the external blower into compression Air to complete the aeration and agitation pulp; 3, mixed flotation machine, in addition to the rotation of the impeller or rotor so that the slurry is aerated and stirred, but also from the outside with compressed air into the blower.

The flotation machine commonly used flotation plant is a mechanical mixing flotation machine. According to these types of flotation inflatable structure can be divided into the following categories: impeller, rotor, screw-type.

Flotation machine in general on the above three categories, but the current domestic breakdown of these three products below each product named more confusing, the manufacturers are generally used their own way to name the goldenmachine Machine Products, for example, the production of flotation machines were named as :, JJF, CLF, SF, BF, XJB.KYF, GF and XCFII/KYFII Type Flotation Machine.

At present, most coal mines in the market use the XCFII/KYFII Type Flotation Machine produced by, so that the production efficiency is greatly improved.