Two Ways Of The Concentration Equipment


Tailings slurry discharged from ferrous metal concentra […]

Tailings slurry discharged from ferrous metal concentrates and non-ferrous gravimetric concentrates are generally low in concentration. In order to save new water consumption and reduce the investment and operating costs of water supply and tailings conveying facilities, concentrating pools are often built before the plant to recover tailings Water for mineral production and recycling.

The specifications of the thickener should be selected according to the type of product, so that the effective area, pool depth and load capacity of rake mud equipment should meet the design requirements. The number of thickened pools should be considered in conjunction with the mill series, generally not less than two. When using two or more thickener, its model and specifications should be consistent. Concentration equipment has the drive and the central drive in two ways.

Concentration equipment larger diameter are peripheral drive type. The pond is made of concrete with a reinforced concrete pillar in the center of the pool to support one end of the rake mechanism and the slurry tank. The other end of the rake mechanism is supported by means of a drive trolley on an annular rail around the pool. In order to enhance the traction and prevent slipping of the trolley wheel, an annular rack parallel to the outer edge of the annular rail is added. In the small wheel additional gear meshing with the ring gear. Transmission car equipped with a motor, speed, small wheels and gears and other transmission components. This raises the entire rake mechanism to move in the pool.

Peripheral conventional concentration equipment equipped with devices, usually installed overload relay to protect the motor. Elimination of rake carrying method, the general is to speed up the discharge and flush the discharge port with high pressure water. Motor power introduced using slip ring collector contact device.

Center-driven concentrator mostly medium and small, its structure shown in Figure 2. It is composed of pool, rake and transmission and other components. The pond is circular with a funnel-shaped bottom that slopes about 6 to 10 degrees to the horizontal. Bottom of the center to open a conical discharge port.