Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Thickening Tank


The Thickening Tank is also called the thickener or the […]

The Thickening Tank is also called the thickener or the agitation tank. As a solid-liquid separation equipment, the thickening tank plays a vital role. How to make the thickening tank run more efficiently has always been our thinking.

The flocculating agent is added to increase the particle size of the settled solid particles, thereby accelerating the sedimentation speed, forming the floc in the ore slurry, accelerating the sedimentation speed, and thereby achieving the purpose of improving the concentration efficiency.

The shallow design of the trough of the settling tank will affect the working efficiency of the thickening tank. In general, the sinker tank of the concentrator does not matter the capacity of the concentrator, mainly depending on the settling velocity and the settlement area of ​​the tank. However, if the tank is shallow and the material is falling, the sedimentation velocity will gradually decrease as the pulp density increases.

The concentration of the concentrate of the thickener, the moisture content of the filter cake and the fractional composition of the leached ore, the concentration of the slurry and the viscosity, and the degree of vacuum are related. A large number of inclined plates can be installed in the settling area in the middle of the thickening tank to increase the settlement area of ​​the thickener, which can prevent the fine particles from floating up and the underflow concentration is higher. Appropriately increase the concentration of the discharge of each washing thickener, reduce the moisture of the filter cake of the washing filter, and improve the washing efficiency.

Paying attention to the above points, in order to make the best use of it, so that the thickening tank can play its maximum use.