Working Principle of Flotation Machine


After the double tilting inclined impeller is stirred, […]

After the double tilting inclined impeller is stirred, the pulp is three-dimensional cycle, the pulp mountain by the diversion tube feed, with aerosol dosing method, and with a rotating impeller negative pressure, self-priming gas and pharmaceutical into a bubble Contact with the coal particles, with automatic level control device, with automatic control system to control the concentration, dry coal, dosage and level.

Flotation Equipment is for the flotation of minerals, flotation machine will be compressed air through the porous medium (inflatable media) to inflate and agitate the inflatable flotation machine. The main structure of the machine is usually a cylindrical cylinder (also can be a square or rectangular column) with aerator (bubble generator), the cylinder is equipped with feeding device, foam overflow or scraping device and foam tank, compressed air Input pipework and wind package. When the column is selected, the reconciled pulp is fed into the upper part of the column by a feeding device.

The compressed air is fed into the pipe network and the air bag and then is bubbled through the bottom of the column through a porous medium such as a microporous plastic tube to create a large number of fine bubbles in the column. The mineral particles slowly decline under the action of gravity, and the bubbles rise and fall through the pulp flowing downward. The mineral particles and bubbles react with each other by countercurrent contact and collision to achieve selective mineralization of the bubbles. Mineralization bubbles rise to the surface of the ore pool to form a foam layer, overflow or scrape scraping foam products (usually concentrate).

Tailings by the bottom of the column with the lifting device discharge. Column from the pulp to the entrance to the top of the column known as the selected area, the main role is to improve the quality of foam products. From the pulp to the entrance to the bottom of the column is called the catchment area, the main role is to capture the purpose of minerals to float to improve the recovery rate.

Heavy medium coal preparation is raw coal in the density of more than low-density materials, less than high-density materials in the medium according to the density of a method of sorting. Three product HM coal is a medium with a density can be sorted out three products, reducing the media system, reducing the production equipment, reducing power consumption and consumption, can greatly improve the economic efficiency of coal plants.