Working Principle Of The Screening Equipment


Screening Equipment is the granular ore material is div […]

Screening Equipment is the granular ore material is divided into multiple levels according to the practice. This practice occurs in a variety of industries such as mining and mineral processing, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, food, plastics and recycling. Screening is divided into two categories: dry screen and wet screen. From these categories, screening separates material flows into different levels and then further processes these levels into intermediate or finished products. In addition, the machine can be divided into mobile screen machines and static screen machines, and the screen is horizontal or inclined.

Mining and mineral processing industries use screening to handle a variety of processing applications. For example, the material is delivered to the primary crusher after mining the minerals. Prior to crushing, briquettes were crushed on a crusher with large blocks of screen mesh larger than 0.25 inch (6.4 mm) thick. Further crushed material can continue to taper through the screen with openings or slits. Finally, screening is used to make final separations based on grade or size range to produce salable products.

The screening equipment consists of a vibration-inducing drive, a screening medium that leads to particle separation, a platform that carries the screening media and the drive, and is a vibrational transport mode. There are physical factors that make the screening practical. For example, vibration, g-force, bed density, and material shape all contribute to speed or cutting. Electrostatic forces may also hinder the screening efficiency of water absorption causing sticking or clogging, or the very dry material creates a charge that attracts the screen itself.

The roller sizer uses an oval shape that helps to screen even very fine materials. Like gold rush, fine particles tend to be toward the center, while larger particles tend to be outside. It allows the screen surface to be isolated and unloaded so that it can work efficiently. Coupled with multi-deck and ball cleaning deck, even difficult products can also be high-separation screening.